Samstag, 27. Oktober 2012

Palkotools Sphinx 2.0 Video Monitoring Software

Palkotools released Sphinx 2.0 Video Monitoring Software on Oct 18th. Unlike other video surveillance software available, Sphinx 2.0 digitally signs recorded video images to prevent unauthorized changes.

For the creation of digital signatures, asymetric and symetric ciphers are used. The key size is adapted to the speed of todays CPUs and uses multithreading for signing and verfication of signatures. Several hundred alerts can be verified in just a view minutes. For security reasons a proprietary format for keys and signatures is used.

The movement detector of Sphinx 2.0 was built with the leading computer vision library OpenCV 2.4.2.

The security software is available as a download: Download Sphinx 2.0 Video Monitoring Software

View Screenshots here: All about Sphinx 2.0 Security Software