Montag, 9. Juli 2012

Introduction to the Open XML SDK 2.0

The Open XML SDK 2.0 is Microsoft's API for the Open File Formats of the Microsoft Office Products like Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

The documentation of the SDK contains many examples and provides a good starting point to muddle through the SDK. Though the file formats are specified but not documented. An expert is required to perform data import and export tasks on office documents.

The office file format itself is a compressed XML document. In my opinion the XML schema of the Office file formats is far more complex than let's say HTML5.

Once you are an expert on the Office file format you can create serial letters, compose large documents from single documents and data sources like project management tools and ERP systems and import data into Excel Reports.

See the Open XML SDK 2.0 in action: Historical stock data with 3D chart

Link to the online documentation: MSDN Welcome to the Open XML SDK 2.0